Auto Glass is an Unregulated Industry


What does “unregulated” really mean to you, the consumer? It means that literally anyone can pick up a knife and cut into your car. Your car is a HUGE investment. Do you trust just anyone to work on it? No! So don’t trust just anyone to cut into your windshield.

Dave adjusting a windshield wiper correctly; know your installer in an unregulated industry

The windshield is a HUGE part of what keeps you safe. If you are in a collision, your windshield is one of the most vital pieces in your car to help you survive! If you have a substandard windshield replacement it could be very bad.

How do you find someone you can trust? Easy. Don’t use a business who is out of town. A lot of auto glass shops will come to smaller towns from bigger towns to make a quick buck. You see their ads on your cars in parking lots promising you HUGE returns. Remember the old adage, if it’s too good to be true… probably is! You see these guys at your doorstep. They are sales people who get paid for how many jobs they get. You are a number. They are not the windshield installer.

Questions to ask yourself – if something (God Forbid) goes wrong, can I find the installer or the business again? Is there a warranty? Can I get the same installer back if I need them? Is there a contact person instead of a recording? Does the company call back? Is the customer service exceeding my expectations? Are they local? Do they put money back into my town’s economy? How do they support us?

Don’t be fooled. There are a lot of good people running good businesses. It make far more sense to use one of good, established businesses instead of some company you have never heard of, especially when it comes to windshields!


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