A Dog’s Day Part One

This blog post is going to be a little different.  No glass talk.  I’ve been feeling the need to share this story – so darn it – I’m going to.

Once upon a time (in April) my husband Dave went to Colorado.  On the way home, he stopped in Kayenta, Arizona for gas.  Kayenta is on the Navajo Nation. . . . . .

*HISTORICAL CONTEXT FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING:  Something you need to understand is the Navajo Nation is one of the poorest places in our country.  The economy there makes the rest of our nation look like boom towns.  It’s dusty, dirty and full of wild dogs.  The culture of the Navajo Nation is very different than our own. For example, they build fences to keep animals OUT.  It is difficult for many people to travel through the Nation because they do not understand the culture, the influences and the unique issues facing the Navajo every day.  Animals and the “neglect” is incredibly difficult to witness if you are an animal lover.

From the newbie’s perspective, it looks as though the animals are starving, neglected and uncared for.  This is true when it comes to the wild dog population.  Navajo’s believe that animals are here to work for us.  They all have jobs and are quite capable of taking care of themselves.  Hence, the dog issue.  The dogs are not spayed or neutered so they multiply….and multiply.  Wild dogs are everywhere on the rez running in packs.

BACK TO OUR STORY: Dave stopped to get gas and there was a dog that he had seen 8 months earlier.  Unfortunately, the dog looked much worse.  He had difficulty standing and was understandably afraid.  Dave tried to get him into the car but the rez dog ran away. After chasing the dog around the gas station, he finally froze from fright and was as stiff as a board.  Dave picked him up and put him in the truck. The rez dog lied there wheezing for the 4-hour ride home.

He looked as though he was on his last leg.  I truly believe he was.  His breath was labored, he had a huge lump coming out of his neck, he was literally skin and bones, his ears were torn and he had many scars on his face.  This dog had seen some bad action in his day.  Dave made an appointment to see our vet.  I told Dave not to be surprised if the vet said, “Let’s put him down.”  Dave was shocked and asked me why?  My husband has the biggest heart for animals.  He adores them and would have 100 if we had the room.  At that time we already had three dogs.  I wasn’t sure if we could handle four.  He reassured me we would get him healthy and find him a home………..