Driving in the Snow: 5 Tips from Arizona Drivers

Driving in the snow is something that most Arizonians do well.  We have a lot of practice.  We figured, since the entire country with the exception of Florida and Arizona have record snowfall, we might help you all out.  So here is a list of 5 easy things for you to do as you continue to battle mother nature.

1.  NEVER drive slow through the snow.  The faster the better.  If you happen to lose control, make sure you video tape it and put it on youtube for us!  We don’t really remember what it’s like.

2.  Brakes shake…..Hopefully, they work.  If they don’t, you will end up in a drift.  What is the worst thing that can happen?  You might have to walk….wait, that would be bad.  You might want to check your brakes.  But if you don’t, continue to videotape.

3.  Don’t worry about scraping off the snow and ice off your windshield and other windows.  No one else is doing it so why should you?  Just make sure you can see out when you lean forward almost touching your steering wheel.  Hey, that gets you closer to the heater too!  Welcome to the real world video game!  On your mark, get set, GO!

4.  Run your air conditioner!  (I think this is really the only one that means anything……really)  If you do, the moisture from the inside will dissipate and you will be able to see better…..but when it’s -20 WHO DOES THAT?

5.  If you haven’t created your safety care kit, you might want to think about it.  You all are gonna thaw out soon and we are going to miss giggling about your winter.

Peace and Love from all of us in Arizona.  We really are just trying to entice you to our state.  We love you and wish you were here!  xxoo

Let it snow! Let it Snow!

Let it snow! Let it snow!

Editor’s Note:  I know karma will bite me and bite me good for this one.  I couldn’t resist…..