It’s HOT in Here: Auto Glass + Heat = Hot Mess!

Auto Glass + Heat = Hot Mess

Why does that chip break out when it’s hot outside?

Auto glass often cracks under extreme heat.  Guess what?  It’s hot outside.  Hence why we say Auto Glass + Heat = Hot Mess.  If you have a chip and you turn on your air conditioner, chances are, it’s going to crack.  You didn’t do anything wrong.  Well, except you didn’t take care of that chip before it cracked.  Extreme temperatures have been the demise of many a windshield.  You will read many articles that say heat does not cause a windshield to crack.  That is true.  However, if there is a chip or damage, the heat can help it along.  If your windshield is new and undamaged, the sun and/or heat will not make it crack.

There you are.  Sitting in your car.  And you are hot.  What do you do?  You turn on the air conditioner!  That sounds like a fine idea.  THAT is when the crack will spread from the chip or damage in your windshield.  The two air streams cause a lot of havoc.  Usually, the windshield pays the price.

We do not fix cracks.  We replace your windshield if there is a crack.  Cracks do not repair well and most people do not like the way it looks. It catches the sun and creates strain on the eyes.  We replace the windshield if the chip is larger than a nickel and the crack is longer than an inch.

What can you do?  Park your car in a garage, carport or in the shade.  Wait for a while before you turn on your air conditioner.  Do not tailgate cars – the closer you get, the more chips you will get.

We hope this helps you understand why heat hurts the windshield.  Rock on…… pun intended and have great adventures!

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