Why Does “In Network” vs. “Out of Network” Matter to You

I know! I know! More auto glass talk….well, guess what? This is important. It matters because of the service you will receive. It’s your car. Do you trust just ANY mechanic? I thought not. Grab a cup of joe and get comfy. I promise I will make this as painless as possible.

In Network: Auto glass shops sign an agreement with the insurance companies. We agree to the pricing THEY set. In network shops DO NOT tell the insurance companies what to pay. The insurance companies tell the shops what they will pay. In return, the insurance companies stand behind the shops’ warranty. You are covered from both ends….your insurance company AND the glass shop.

Make sense? I knew you would get it!

Out of Network: Auto glass shops do not sign the contract and set their own pricing. Most of the time you will sign the paperwork from the glass shop and in the fine print you are agreeing to pay anything above and beyond what the insurance company has agreed to pay….even if you have full glass coverage. When making a claim, you will hear the 3rd Party Administrator for your insurance company tell you that they will NOT warranty the work. You are responsible for any problems that may occur.

Auto Glass is unregulated. It means LITERALLY ANYONE can CUT into your car. Best defense? Educate yourself. Talk with your agent too! Do you have glass coverage? How much does your glass cost if it breaks. Doors and back glass usually cost A LOT! Get a quote before you decide. Double check your coverage with your agent and for goodness sakes HIDE AN EXTRA KEY!

That is all. See, wasn’t too painful was it?

Oh yeah. Adventure Auto Glass is an In Network Shop. We want you covered!