Attention To Detail is Job One!

Why You Want Dave to Work on Your Car!


Dave has a following because of his eye for detail.  He treats each car as if it were his own.  Dave does not do shortcuts.  Dave installs each piece of glass to the industry standards because he understands the value in a job well done….the first time.

The auto glass industry is filled with a lot of shops and a lot of installers.  Why do you want Dave to cut into your car?  His experience, attention to detail and his ability to educate you on why and how he is installing the glass in your car. Do you want a guy working on your car that pays attention to detail?  We do!

People forget that the automobile sitting in front of their home is usually the 2nd largest investment that they will make.  The auto glass industry is unregulated.  That means, LITERALLY, anyone can CUT into your car.  Dave has cleaned up

a lot of messes.  Dave will take care of your car like you do.

auto glass

Not only does Dave to great work, he may hook you up with a free set of wiper blades or give your pup some organic dog cookies.  Dave has been known to pay for dog grooming, dog food, pet cats and dogs and make best friends with dogs that otherwise do not “get along with others”.  Dave goes above and beyond in the customer service area.  Check it out for yourself!

Don’t take our word for it, go to our website and read our reviews.  Attention to Detail is Job One.  Just ask Dave!  Adventure Auto Glass has hired a 3rd party to collect and publish our reviews.  We do not “hand pick” them.  They ALL go on the website. and click the Customer Lobby icon.  Read for yourself why our customers choose Dave!

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