Auto Glass Installers Matter…..Some More Than Others…..


What you are looking at is an open hood and the cowl.  This is what Dave sees every day.  It’s always an adventure when Dave opens a hood of a car or truck.  He never knows for sure what he will find.  If Dave finds something like this, he immediately will make you aware of it.  You need to know what has happened to your car on previous installs.  Auto Glass Installers matter.  It’s a niche trade.  There are a lot to choose from.  Make sure you choose wisely.







broken cowlingThis is the broken piece that Dave found upon opening the hood.  As you can see, there was no need to break this part.  It is a screw that holds the cowl on.  Easy enough to tighten and NOT break it.  Would you know if your installer did this?  Would you check?  Most installers are betting you don’t.  Auto Glass Installers matter.  Please make sure you know who is working on your car or truck.  Your car or truck is most likely the first or second largest investment you make.  Don’t you want someone who realizes that working on your car or truck?






Broken Cowl 2In case you were wondering……this is the other bolt.  Yeah, that installer had a good time at the owner’s expense.  This is not what you should be seeing.  There is no reason for this to be broken.  Auto Glass Installers matter.  Please know yours.







Our industry is unregulated.  Please know who is cutting into your car.  This doesn’t need to happen.  Ever.


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