Adventure Auto Glass has signed contractual agreements with multiple insurance companies regarding set pricing for insured motorists for all auto glass claims. We are, what is considered, a preferred or “in-network” affiliate. All insurance pricing is negotiated at the corporate levels. If you do not have insurance coverage, we are happy to give you a cash quote for your auto glass claim.

For our cash or out of pocket customers, we offer a free cash quote. Please note that every quote is different as every piece of glass in your vehicle is different. The prices will vary according to the year make and model of your vehicle. Quotes also vary according to the parts necessary for a proper installation. A Vehicle Identification Number or VIN may be required to verify a proper part from the manufacturer. These steps will help us determine the quote for your auto glass claim.
The year of your car or truck is important because windshields, mouldings, hardware and other glass parts vary from year to year.

The make is important because we need to know who made your car or truck and its country of origin. A Chevy Silverado will interchange with a GMC Sierra on all glass applications of the same year. On the contrary, a like year Toyota Tacoma and a Toyota Tundra have completely different parts. Nothing interchanges.

The model is important because not all models are made in the same country. In Addition not all same model vehicles have the same glass part numbers. VIN numbers help us reference which glass parts and related hardware were in your vehicle from the manufacturer.

As technology advances, auto manufacturers are increasingly offering more features in vehicles and their related glass parts. We may ask you if your car has heated seats or if your truck has “Heavy Duty” or “Super Duty” on the windshield. These questions help us to choose the correct piece of glass for your vehicle.

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