Our Industry is Unregulated. Know Your Installer

What Does Unregulated Mean For You – the Consumer?


Auto glass is a tricky industry. Why? It’s completely unregulated. With that said, the next million-dollar question is this; what does that even mean? With respect to this industry, it means that any person with any level of experience can operate on your vehicle. At first glance, that’s not really something to freak out about; I mean, how bad could it possibly be?

Answer: very.

Your car is built in such a way that it is intended to protect you from things like wind, rain, and hail; imagine if your windshield was replaced incorrectly and a huge hailstorm hit. The damage that could result could be nearly irreparable, resulting in an even more expensive replacement. Another common occurrence with cars, unfortunately, is accidents. Windshields are installed with an adhesive bond. In the event of an accident in which a car rolls over yours, you want that adhesive bond to hold, as the windshield acts as a failsafe for your roof. If that glass pops off, your car will be a sandwich in seconds! It’s incredibly important that you trust your vehicle in the hands of someone who will uphold the integrity of your car as if it were their own. Be wary of companies that promise sugar-coated awesomeness that seems to be the best deal you can get; a job well done is worth every penny.

Good luck!


-Farrell Berger

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