Best of Surveys 4 Year Champion!

We did it!!

Yet again, for the fourth year in a row, Adventure Auto Glass has received the Best of Surveys Award! We are very honored to receive this award and title. As a local business, customer service and reviews can make or break us which is why we place a lot of thought into our customer experience.

For years now, we have been able to boast five star ratings across multiple rating sites, and at least a 4.9 on all others. Adventure Glass makes it a priority to please the customer and do the job correctly the first time. We never cut corners because we have seen, time and time again, other companies cut corners only for the consequences to bite them in the a**. So we make it a point NOT to cut any corners. Besides, if you know how to do something right the first time, then why on Earth would you choose to do otherwise?

However, even when the job is done right, things can go awry. In unfortunate cases when this happens, we promise to do just about everything to solve any problems; be it a chip that spread after a repair, or, as unlikely as it is, a bad customer service experience.

So if you don’t believe the us, then take it from the Best of Surveys. If we have the pleasure of working on your vehicle, plan on having a great experience, and be sure to tell your friends.

Safe driving and happy adventuring!


A: B Delamater

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