Top 10 South West Road Trip Destinations

This is our short list of go-to road trip destinations around the South West U.S. There are some that have been left off, but then again, 10 spaces isn’t nearly enough to include all the great places to visit in the SW. Let us know how many you’ve been to or what you’ve heard about each!

  1. Zion National Park – a gorgeous southwestern Utah nature preserve with sheer red cliffs following along the Virgin River/
  2. Moab, Utah – a town south of Arches National Park that hosts the nationally known Jeep Week
  3. Bisbee, Arizona – a small quirky little mining town that has an abundance of “western” photo opportunities
  4. DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun – a beautiful SW Native art gallery with works by Ettore DeGrazia, hosted in a scattered array of historic native buildings
  5. Tombstone, Arizona – a classic Western cowboy town that’s home to the famous O.K. Corral
  6. Flagstaff, Arizona – a change of scenery and temperature on at the base of the San Francisco Peaks in Arizona offering beautiful Ponderosa pine and aspen forests
  7. Santa Fe, New Mexico – a gorgeous city that emanates the Native American side of the American South West
  8. Monument Valley – a red-sand desert region with sheer plateaus displaying the true capabilities of natural architecture
  9. Lake Powell – an extensive reservoir with stunning contrasts between the barren landscape and emerald waters. It almost looks like you might be swimming on another planet
  10. Grand Canyon National Park – it’s world famous and a must if you’ve never been. You can even take the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams to the park for an extra bit of fun

We hope you’re able to go see some of these amazing SW locations and would love to hear back if you do. Make sure you back all the essentials and happy adventuring!

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