Insurance Coverage in Arizona

Living in Arizona has its ups and downs. Ask any Arizonan and they will tell you how much they love or how much they hate living here. Personally, I see both sides of the coin.

The Bad

On one side, Arizona is one of the hottest inhabited places in the nation. Not to mention the largest two cities, Phoenix and Tucson in the state frequently break triple digits and average 87°F and 83°F respectively.

The Good

On the other side, it’s a beautiful state with an incredible variety of scenery, weather, and temperatures. Northern Arizona will often get snow in the winter while the Valley chills to a temperate 65°F. And of course, we have the Grand Canyon. However, one of the best things about the state of Arizona is its law on windshield coverage!

The Rule

Per Arizona law, ARS 20-264Any insurer writing private passenger automobile insurance which includes comprehensive coverage for motor vehicle damage shall provide at the option of the insured complete coverage for the repair or replacement of all damaged safety equipment without regard to any deductible.


Why is it that laws are written in the most incomprehensive way imaginable? That I don’t understand, but I do happen to know what this is trying to convey. Simply put, if you have comprehensive auto coverage, then the insurer must provide the option of complete windshield coverage with no deductible. They typically offer this at a minimal additional premium (say an extra $5 a month).

Worth it though?

Absolutely. If you are new to this state, then you will soon become very familiar with the ‘chip’. No, not deep-fried potato crisps, but the rock chip. They are frustrating, infuriating, and extremely frequent. Since we are such a dry state, rocks are abundant; we do not have dirt, just small rocks. Meaning, these small rocks frequently hit the windshield, sometimes creating a chip. So, trust me when I say this, the additional windshield coverage will be well worth the money.

There you have it

Not the most seat gripping stuff, but at least you’re a bit smarter than you were. It’s nice to learn something new at least once a day. Well, get out there, have an adventure, and make sure you’re covered, glass and all!



We provide windshield repair and replacement service to most of Yavapai County including the great Prescott & Prescott Valley area as well as the Verde Valley, Sedona, and much more! More questions? Give us a call, we’re happy to help!


Author: B. Delamater


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