What Glass Services Do We Offer?

Often, we get calls asking if we do chip repairs, windshield replacements, home window installation, etc.  Even though our company’s name is Adventure Auto Glass and we answer the phone with “Adventure Auto Glass this is ____…”, the calls continue.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to shame anybody (but you know who you are). In all seriousness though, we don’t mind answering any questions you have. Regardless, I thought I would write this up to lay out all the different services we offer here at Adventure Auto Glass.

Buckle down, this might be shorter than you expected. After all, we’re an auto glass shop, not a variety show.

What we do do!…….(haha doo-doo, I’m an adult I promise)

Yup, that’s right folks, we repair and replace auto glass. That includes windshields, side windows, mirrors, back glass, and even sunroofs. You name a glass on your car and I’m almost positive that we could repair or replace it.

When we work on your auto glass, we might also replace your windshield wipers and we always clean the glass we repair or replace. We also can replace your windshield wipers, and most other auto glass related parts, if you don’t want to, or are unable to, do it yourself.

That’s about it.

Things we don’t do


Sadly, we can’t do everything. For starters, replacing glass on classic cars is something we shy away from. They are an entirely different beast to handle in terms of replacement and we just don’t have the means to do them as well as a specialist could. Of course, we will refer you to a great classic car shop that is more than happy and able to take care of your baby.

Super Cars (some of them)

There are also certain sports cars that we don’t replace windshields on either. Sometimes those fancy supercars have windshields that are nearly impossible to install, and they sadly aren’t worth the hours of frustration and foul parts. Some of these cars just don’t seem to have replacements that want to fit properly.

We also can’t take the risk of the water seal not working and ruining the interior of an $80k car. All in all, it’s a matter of effort for return and liability issues. Of course, please call us, your sports/supercar might be very easy and smooth to install. You never know until you ask.


Home windows are also something we don’t work on. For starters, we are called Adventure AUTO Glass, but also replacing home windows is an entirely different area of skills. There are more variables involved and they can often be much more delicate and far more expensive than auto glass. This also includes mirrors and shower doors. We don’t do those either. Again, a whole other skill set.

Where do we serve?

Though we might not be work on classics or houses, we are extremely happy to look at, work on, or replace any auto glass issues you might be facing. We service most of Yavapai County (Arizona) and Flagstaff. There is a comprehensive list of areas at the bottom of this page of our website, or if you give us a call, we will surely tell you.

We hope this answers any questions you may have about us, but if not, then please give us a holler. For more information on our warranty, be sure to check out our warranty blog post. Either way, good luck and happy adventures!



Recalibration is relatively new for vehicles, but we do offer ADAS recalibration services.



Author: B. Delamater


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