5 Fun Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

Summer is hot. Summer in Arizona is even more so. How should you cool down this summer? We have a few suggestions.

1. Shopping

If you hate to shop, this is clearly not the solution for you. However, shopping means air conditioning, free air conditioning.

2. Wash Your Car

Skip the auto car wash and do it yourself! You’ll probably get wet doing this, but that’s the point. If this seems too much like a chore, then grab a friend and have fun with it!

3. Go for a Drive

Grab your bestie, get some ice cream and go on a long, windows down summer drive.

4. Become a Raccoon

That’s right, become a raccoon by sleeping all day through the summer heat and waking up in the cool night. Added bonus, no one will be awake to judge you eating a pint of ice cream to “cool off”

5. Ice Cream Party

   Select your favorite ice cream ingredients and make homemade ice cream! If you don’t have an ice cream maker, they are cheap enough at the store or there are plenty of DIY ice cream makers online. You can get your friends and family to join you, but that means less ice cream for you…




It’s hot, we are sick of it, and this is the least we can do to help you out. Enjoy!




Author: B. Delamater

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