Reviews, Reviews, and More Reviews

Shopping for a quality product or service has never been so easy yet so difficult. There are quite possibly thousands of options and variations for every product or service on the market. Figuring out what’s a scam and what’s real can be a nightmare, but there is a tool that can help!

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews act as our GPS through the digital marketplace, offering suggestions on which products to buy and which to avoid. A simple task, but an extremely important one.

Corporations vs Small Business

For large corporations like Sony, Samsung, or Apple, reviews mean much less. They have the benefit of brand popularity and reputation which gives reassurance without the need for customer reviews.

For smaller companies, such as ourselves or any other local business, reviews are what drive our success. While we believe there exists a certain amount of brand awareness in the community, reviews both online and in-person are what allows small businesses to build a customer base, local or otherwise.

That is why reviews are so important for us and many other small businesses. They give potential customers a frame of reference on how their experience will be. It offers them reassurance in their decision and gives us the opportunity to reinforce that decision through a great experience.

Thanks in Advance

So, the next time you use a small business, like Adventure Auto Glass, leave a quick review. It only takes a few seconds and is the simplest way to show your support. Thank you!


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Author: B. Delamater

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