The Woes and Wearies of Customer Service

The Era of Customer Service

Think about how often you interact with customer service representatives each week. For most of us, interacting with customer service is part of our everyday routine, whether that is running errands, making calls, and even going to work.

We live in an era of service and thus it is nearly impossible to live without having to work with customer service at some organization.

The point is…?

Point being, customer service is an inevitable part of life. Fighting it tooth and nail will not make it any easier.

Customers suck. Customer service agents suck. We know, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Perception and mindset play a massive role in how your experience goes; in all situations, not just with customer service.

But having to deal with a terrible, rude customer or representative happens to all of us, but we must remember how to act regardless of how intensely horrendous the other person behaves.

As a Service Agent

As a service agent, no matter how angry, upset, or rude the customer is being, you can not retaliate. You are in a position of service and it is your job to provide that service with as much neutrality/friendliness as you can muster.

The service industry wasn’t going to be peaches and crème, you knew this, and retaliation and attitude reflection will only make the situation worse; you could also get fired.

As a Customer

As a customer, you have different responsibilities towards customer service experience. If you feel a service agent is being provokingly rude or unhelpful, it is your duty to remain calm and ask to speak to a supervisor. An alternative is to call back and get hold of a different representative.

Your other duty is not to be rude or condescending. You might be furious with a company for whatever reason, but you must understand that that minimum wage service agent, who is likely in their 20s, is not responsible for what occurred to you.

They have no control over past events but can help repair any damage that has already been done. Be kind, be patient, and most certainly, enter every situation with pleasant optimism that your problem can and will be solved.

Just be Nice

When all is said and done, remember you are only a person talking to another person. You both have jobs, you both know how rude and disrespectful people can be.

It is your job, regardless of how terrible your day has been or how unfortunate your situation is, to be kind to others. Anger literally never helps solve a situation.

We are past the age of aggressive resolution tactics and we all should be trying to be better people.

So, remember that “peace and love” Instagram post the next time your screaming at someone on the phone. Happy times and happy adventures!


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Author: B. Delamater

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