More and more vehicles are integrating what is called Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, or ADAS for short. These systems include features like “Lane Departure”, “Blindspot Monitoring”, “Automatic Parking”, etc.

For these ADAS to work, cameras are integrated throughout the vehicle including behind the front windshield. While these systems are generally helpful in making the roads a safer place to drive, they can cause complications for their owners.

Why does it need recalibration?

Due to the placement behind the front windshield, ADAS recalibration must take place after a windshield replacement. Unfortunately, this is much more complicated than pressing a “reset” button but instead requires a licensed and practiced ADAS Calibration Specialist.

Where do you have recalibration done?

Many auto manufacturers recommend you have the recalibration done at one of their affiliate dealerships, but we are here to tell you this isn’t the only option you have! So long as the company that replaced your windshield is licensed and trained in ADAS calibration, they can complete this step right after they replace your windshield.

Does Adventure Auto Glass offer recalibration?

Adventure Auto Glass happens to be one of those shops. For vehicles that have ADAS, we bring in a licensed, trained, and approved calibration specialist to recalibrate the ADAS of each vehicle. They do this in our shop using insurance approved calibration equipment and techniques.

Why shouldn’t you take it to a dealer?

It is 100% your decision. Your insurance will likely cover the costs either way, but we do include it in our pricing so there are no worries when done through us. The main thing is that by having our specialist complete the recalibration, you are saving yourself a trip to the dealership, which for some people is a trip to Phoenix. Regardless, we are happy to do this for you but understand if you decide to travel to a dealership once our repair is complete.

If you have any more questions regarding recalibration or any of our services, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or give us a call. We are always happy to help!

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