We love to help our customers in any way we can, so we thought you might want to know what information to have handy before calling for a quote or to schedule an appointment.

Vehicle Type

We sometimes need more than the Year, Make, and Model. Many vehicle models have sub-models, special add-ons, etc. For example, is your 2009 Honda Civic a Sedan our Coupe? Is your F150 a Crew or King cab? Does your vehicle have Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) or rain sensors? If you’re unsure, we’ll likely just need the VIN of the glass.


We will generally ask which city in Yavapai County you are in to determine if a mobile or in-shop appointment would work best for you. You can also request mobile to your work, home, or any accessible location and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Insurance or Cash

We also need to know if you will be using auto glass insurance or paying cash for the repair or replacement.

Chip repairs are covered by insurance, but for cash customers, the preset prices for chip repairs are $60 for the 1st chip, $50 for the 2nd chip, and $40 for the 3rd chip. More than 4 chips may require replacement.

For insurance customers (repairs or replacements), have your insurance provider handy, but we can walk you through making a claim if you haven’t already. It is also important to check if auto glass repairs/replacements are covered; this is additional coverage that all auto insurers are required to offer in Arizona.

Name and Phone Number

Last but not least, we need your name and a phone number. We do have caller ID, but you might have a number that would be better for a callback.

That’s all the immediate information we need, but if there is anything else, we’ll be sure to ask and help you find it. Give us a call if you need an appointment and happy adventures!

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