A Guide to the VIN

Likely having had your windshield replaced before, there are probably terms you’ve heard auto glass techs use. Perhaps you’ve even been asked for the VIN on your windshield or piece of glass. We’re guessing you have and that you have no idea where to find it or even what a VIN is.

That’s perfectly fine. You are not expected to know everything about your car. VIN simply means Vehicle Identification Number and just about every auto part has one.

However, if you say VIN number, we won’t be confused, but you’re essentially saying vehicle identification number…number.

Typically, on a windshield, the VIN is located on the bottom of the driver’s side of the windshield. It may be underneath a windshield wiper blade, but it should be visible without having to take anything apart.

This long strand of numbers and letters allows us to purchase the exact part match for your vehicle. This is no guess & check business; we do exact matches only!

Each number/letter or collection in the VIN indicates something specific for glass manufacturers and replacement shops alike.Graphic explaining VIN

What each character in the VIN means

1st character indicates the country of manufacture.

2nd & 3rd are a code for the manufacturer.

2nd, 3rd, & 8th can indicate if you have a “flex-fuel” vehicle

4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th give the make, model, and engine specifics of the vehicle

9th gives the authorization security code designated by the manufacturer

10th is the year of the vehicle

11th is the manufacturing plant

12th through 17th is a unique serial number for the vehicle

You might be thinking, do I really need to remember what all 17 VIN represent? No, absolutely not, that would be a little ridiculous. We can barely remember our social security number as it is!

All you must remember is where to look! That is the VIN is normally on the driver side of the windshield near the bottom. We can decipher the code from there.

We hope you learned something new and happy adventures!


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