The Emergency Car Kit We Deserve

Emergency car bag containing duct tape, tools, and gloves.Sure, we all know of the things we’re meant to keep in our vehicles: duct tape, screwdriver, flashlight, knife, etc. But we’re here to tell you today that there are far more important things that you should always keep in the car. Don’t throw your tools away, but you should absolutely without uncertainty, add this “Emergency” Car Kit to your trunk.


Ummm? What else do you want a glass of when you’re stranded? Chances are, the driver who you are stranded is driving you nuts. So, grab that emergency wine and have yourself a glass.

Of course, none for the driver, have it outside the vehicle, and don’t pop open a bottle just on the side of the road. Go to a day area that allows alcohol. Please drink responsibly and make sure you also have some water to stay hydrated. No, wine does not count towards helping you stay hydrated.

Man Pouring a Glass of Wine Outdoors


What better to have with wine than your favorite chocolate or a salty snack? Grab a bag of Doritos, Lays, Chex Mix, or whatever your heart desires. Remember, this is for emergencies, so pick a snack you’d want while waiting for help/car service!


Yeah, so the thing about emergency car kits like this is they are typically for the one to two-hour wait for the tow truck or mechanic. While wining and dining are certainly good options (no wine for the driver or in the car!), adding a card game or board game to the mix can help pass the time. Or, if you want to be truly prepared, grab your favorite handheld gaming device like an old Gameboy, PSP, or Nintendo DS!

Guilty Pleasures

If you don’t want your tow truck driver (or dad depending on who you call) to show up to boozy passengers and only one sober driver, then bring along a guilty pleasure instead. If you knit or crochet, I present to you the free time you so much desire!

Green and Yellow Tow Truck

The same for browsing gossip magazines, reading up on your latest fanfics, or honestly whatever else you would like to do during your “emergency.” Shoot, whip out a full-on game of D&D if you want, this is now YOUR time and, like it or not, your stranded!

You do you

The point of this emergency car kit is to enjoy your sudden free time the best you can! You have to endure a sudden, unexpected, and time-consuming emergency, why should you suffer any more than you have to?? Pack what YOU want and do what YOU want. It’s your time and you’re not going anywhere till that tow truck (or your dad) comes to save you.

Enjoy your wait, have a snack, and make sure not to drink in the vehicle, there are plenty of other places to do that.

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