Our Industry is Unregulated. Know Your Installer

What Does Unregulated Mean For You – the Consumer?

The auto glass industry is unregulated.  What does this mean for you? It means, literally, anyone can cut into your car.  Whether the installer has one minute or 20 years of experience.  It’s important to know your installer so you know who is cutting into your car.  Accidents happen, but if you know and trust your installer, the accidents are a lot less and less stressful for you.
Installers come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and years of experience.  Check out who they are before you entrust your second largest investment to them. Go to their websites (do they have a website???), read the reviews of what others are saying, and call the office and ask questions.

Who do you want cutting into your car?  Someone you don’t know?  Or someone you know and trust.  Get the information and ask the tough questions.  It’s your car and your choice.

Your insurance company may tell you that you HAVE to use a certain shop.  That is not true.  Many of your local shops (like us) are preferred vendors for most insurance companies.  It is also ILLEGAL for third-party administrators (the 800 number you call to make a claim – NOTE: It’s NOT your insurance company) to steer you to a shop. YOU have the RIGHT to choose.

Get the facts.  Get the education you need.  You don’t need a lot of broken parts and cuts in your vehicle.


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