Auto Glass Steering

man holding out a pair of keysAuto Glass Steering Affects You – Learn How Here


Auto glass steering happens when you call the third-party administrator who is hired by your insurance company and they either do not give you a choice or just assign you a shop to take care of your vehicle. Scare tactics are used in order to convince you to use the shop they are recommending.  The third-party administrator is an employee of the largest auto glass shop; not only in this country but in the world. By law, you have the right to choose whomever you want to work on your second-largest investment.  Your car, your choice.

If you make your claim online, be sure to look for an opportunity to choose the shop you want.

Auto glass is a tricky industry; it is completely unregulated. What does this mean? Check this out to answer all of your questions.

Speak with your dollars.  Keep it local.  If you use a locally owned and operated shop, you will be taken care of.  Read our reviews and get to know the kind of service people have come to expect.



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