Prescott Auto Glass

About Adventure Auto Glass

Adventure Auto Glass is an automotive glass installation and windshield repair facility. We are a socially responsible, locally owned and operated company. Adventure Auto Glass has been in business since 2005.

Dave has served the community of Prescott for since 1995. He loves the community spirit and vitality of “Everybody’s Home Town”.  It’s his drive for a job done well that inspires him to continue to build Adventure Auto Glass to be the best auto glass company in Northern Arizona. From a mirror that has cracked or fallen off to a crack in your windshield; if you have an auto glass problem, Dave will fix it.

Prescott History and Culture

Prescott was the Territorial Capital of the state in 1864 so how did this town receive it’s name?  Mr. William Hickling Prescott, author of “The History of the Conquest of Mexico”.  As a result, Prescott was chosen because Mr. Prescott was a man of honor, reputation and had much love for his country.

This rapidly growing town boasts of over 500 buildings are in the National Register of Historic Places. Downtown Prescott, for instance, is loved by people all over the world.  Come see our historic courthouse nestled right in the middle of the square. There is plenty to see, do and learn in “Everybody’s Home Town”. Historic whiskey row whispers of wonderful legend and myth. It was the site of many historic characters such as Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday who ventured into some of the watering holes on the historic walk.

Looking for fun things to do?  Then come visit Prescott and experience things like shopping, hiking, historic buildings, and some say even paranormal activity is afoot. It’s a wonderful place to visit or to call home.

Why Choose Adventure Auto Glass

Arizona is rated as the highest state in the union for auto glass replacements due to all of the rocks.  Dave is committed to taking care of your windshield and your automotive glass so that you can get back on the road and take care of business. To find out more about Adventure Auto Glass and how we repair and replace your windshield, click here: