Trifecta of “Possible” Auto Glass Scams – You Need to Know!

Dave executing a chip repair on a windshield in the auto glass industry

Auto Glass Scams:  Buyer Beware

We have had several customers ask us lately about that phone call they are getting.  Have you gotten it?  “Hi!  It’s time for your FREE windshield!”  They call every 3 months or so…..yeah, you know the one.  Is this really true?  A FREE windshield?  No.  If you have insurance, they are billing your insurance company for it.  They will replace it whether you need it or not.  Why would you have someone cut into your car if it wasn’t needed?  It’s like taking it to the mechanic for something you vehicle doesn’t need.

It Has Happened to Us!

A solicitor at my door telling me they wanted to replace my windshield because it was “pitted”.  Pitting happens when you get sand blasted in the desert dust storm or over a long period of time.  My windshield was not pitted.  I asked the fella if he wanted to show me where the pitting was…..he pointed to the lower driver side corner.  Using my pinkie nail, I removed some dirt and said, “This is called dirt, not pitting.”  He said, “Well we can replace it for you!”  I said, “You are going to cut into my car because it’s dirty?”  He said, “Sure!”  This is not ethical.  I sent him on his way and told him not to ever come back.

Doh!  The Chip Repair Fail

Have you ever gotten a chip repair at the car wash only to watch that sucker run across the entire windshield?  It is true that some chips blow out but we hear there are an alarming number being blown out at the car washes.  Be aware that if a chip blows out, you may need to replace it.

Scams and unethical practices are running amok in our industry.  Educate yourself.  There are legitimate companies who want to earn your business.  Ask questions.  Don’t be bullied into having your windshield fixed or replaced ESPECIALLY if it’s not needed.
Want to learn more?  Go to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud:


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