Break It!

As an auto glass shop, it’s only natural that we regularly discuss repair and replacing your windshield and auto glass. It is what we do every day! Since we never talk about breaking your windshield on purpose, is there ever a reason to?

A smashed truck back glass against an incredibly blue sky Yes! There is.

That is right folks, an auto glass repair shop is giving you a reason to break your windshield. No, this is not a form of guerilla marketing, but if you want to break your windshield for no reason, we are not about to deny someone their freedoms! ?

The Reason to Break

Although you might be excited for some magic twist in how breaking your windshield can help the replacement, the real reason to break is much simpler: emergencies.

Yup, you read correctly. If you are in your vehicle and the situation arises where you can’t exit through your door, then the best chance you have is to break your window. Of course, these circumstances are thankfully few and far between. I have yet to meet someone who has needed to break their window to escape their car.

What’s my point?

My point is to be prepared and also (maybe) just an excuse to buy a fun new gadget. A car safety hammer! Just the name of it sounds awesome! Safety Hammer!

Back to the point. This is a unique tool used to shatter your car windows (NOT windshield) with minimal effort. All it takes it a firm press, or a quick smack, and your window is busted out! You can then make your escape to safety. Lay a towel or jacket down before crawling over the broken glass!

Do you really need one? Based on the probability of you being in such a situation that requires this tool, probably not. To that same point though, you also have 20 mugs and chances are you won’t ever have 20 people over to drink coffee with. Just saying. Happy adventures and stay safe out there!


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