OEM, Simplified

The differences between types of auto glass can be confusing or hard to remember, so here it is plain and simple: the difference between Dealer, OEM, and Non-OEM auto glass.


This glass is what comes originally with your vehicle. It is the glass that is in the car at the dealer with the original “bug” containing the manufacturer’s logo.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass is exactly the same as dealer glass, except it does not have the original “bug” containing the manufacturer’s logo.

It is the same fit, quality, and likely comes from the same factory.


This glass is not the same as either a dealer or OEM. A separate company makes and advertises this to fit the same as OEM or dealer.

Certain major chain auto glass repair shops manufacture their own auto glass. However, non-OEM glass is not always a perfect fit nor always the same quality as OEM or dealer glass.

What do we use?

We use OEM glass standard in all our replacements, never using non-OEM. If requested, we can and will install dealer glass.

Be advised that dealer glass is often more expensive and because of that, not all insurance will cover the increased costs, leaving you to cover the difference out-of-pocket.

We hope this helps but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or give us a call! Happy adventures!



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