Our Guide to the Perfect Summer Road Trip

Summer is possibly one of the best seasons for road tripping. Don’t get me wrong, Spring and Fall can be great too, but nothing beats those Summer evening drives, those afternoon beach trips, or those weekend camp getaways. It is the season of travels, vacations, and relaxation so why not start it off with a kick-ass road trip?

While road tripping is a simple concept, we believe a little preparation makes the difference between a good road trip and a great road trip. So here are our tips for planning out a road trip you won’t forget!

Location Location Location

Picking the right location is possibly the most important part of a good road trip. While it can be fun to go where the wind takes us, having an awesome destination in mind will guarantee a good time.

When picking where to go, you should be mindful of what exactly it is you want to do when you get there. Are you looking to swim, hike, or enjoy an amazing sunset? Each of these brings completely different locations in mind.

Another aspect to consider is how far you want to travel and how long you want to stay. Though this seems obvious, people often underestimate how long it might take to get to certain locations. Taking into consideration weekend or holiday traffic, drive time, rest stops, and other delays is essential.

It’s no fun to drive four hours only to get stuck in traffic for another two before you arrive. On top of that, spending what’s left of your day “relaxing” then driving another four to five hours back doesn’t leave you much time to relax.

All in all, pick a location you really want to see, but also plan accordingly. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy your time. The last thing you want is bad traffic to ruin your only day to relax.

Mode of Transport

A road trip means a car, right? Well, yes but no. Although most road trips involve traveling long highways to hidden springs, there is no shame in taking a short flight or train to get where you need to go. Besides, if you are lucky enough to have public transit at your disposal, use it!

A perfect example of this is the Grand Canyon. Though it is perfectly possible to drive up to the canyon, why not make a day of it and take the train?

I concede it does take longer, but the point in the experience! I’ve taken the Grand Canyon Railroad to the canyon many times and it is an entirely different experience. Plus, your canyon entry fees are included in the ticket prices!

Supply and Demand

Supplies all depend on where you’re going and for how long. I will say that in the summer, regardless of where you’re going or for how long, bring plenty of water and plenty of sunscreen. Dehydration and sunburns don’t make for a good time.

As far as snacks and other various supplies go, think ahead and use common sense. It’s always better to bring more than you need than to not have enough as well

Friends and Family Ride Free

Solo road tripping can be fun, but it’s an entirely different journey. We recommend grabbing your favorite friend or family member and hit the road. Make sure you two can stand each other more than a couple of hours, long car rides can bring the worst out in all of us. It is also helpful to make sure you both share a similar taste in music too.

I must put a disclaimer up for family members too. Unless you are positive you will get along with them, or they’re offering to pay *wink wink*, then I’d recommend going with a close friend. You want this to be a fun and memorable experience after all!

Have Fun

At last, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself. Be flexible and understanding, this is a road trip after all, not a mandatory school field trip. Remember to relax, have fun, and feel free to share some of your pics with us. We love to see your adventures!


Author: B. Delamater



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