Summer is Coming…

No, the title is not a GOT reference. Though I would be lying if that didn’t come to mind. Regardless, temps are on the rise and that means we can start enjoying more outdoor activities. Here are some summer car tips we think might just help you with your adventures.

“What does this have to do with cars? Is this not an auto glass website?”

Valid point and I will tell you. With milder temperatures, people like you and I start to go on outdoorsy trips. We might go on a hike, head to the lake, or just cruise the streets windows down and music blaring. This also means that our cars may be traveling on more rough and rocky terrain, traveling longer distances, and overall getting more use than normal.

As with anything, more use equals more wear and tear. Am I discouraging you from going on road trips or taking your kids to the lake? Absolutely not. I’m simply reminding you that car repairs may spring up more in the summer, especially after the particularly harsh winter we just had.

There are things you can do to ease the wear on your car though and none of them will break the bank or require egregious amounts of labor.

Don’t Tailgate

The closer you are to the car in front of you, the more likely a rock will fly and crack your windshield. Distance yourself about two cars from the vehicle ahead, especially on the highway.

Wash your car

Dirt and dust, no matter how fine, is not a gentle material. Leaving it on your car to sit and stir around ever so slowly erodes the clearcoat and paint of your car. This isn’t a major issue, but if you really want to preserve your paint job, give it a wash and wax every now and again.

Check your tires

This is a year-round task you should be completing, especially before long trips. The last thing you want is to experience a flat tire while out on a relaxing drive. Accelerating slowly and taking gentler turns can also help increase the life of your tire.

Wet Seats and Vacuums

Hikes and trips to the swimming hole are always a blast. However, before you let your soaking wet kids back in the car, have them sit on a towel or some plastic. Your upholstery will thank you later. Additionally, don’t forget to occasionally vacuum your vehicles carpets and floor mats. The longer the dirt sits, the harder it will be to get out.

Go Have Fun!

There are plenty of other little tasks and maintenance tips for your car, but this is all you’re getting today. It’s far too beautiful out for me to write summer car tips all day. The most important thing to remember is to have fun, make memories, and keep reading blog posts…


Author: B. Delamater

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