Auto Glass Steering

Auto Glass Steering Affects You – Learn How Here   Auto glass steering happens when you call the third-party administrator who is hired by your insurance company and they either do not give you a choice or just assign you a shop to take care of your vehicle. Scare tactics are used in order to…

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How to Prevent Your Windshield Chip from Cracking

red toy vw bug in snow

At long last, Arizona is cooling down again. Temperatures are dipping well below freezing at night and hardly reach into the 50s during the day. Of course, I speak of Northern Arizona, Phoenix never really gets cold, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. As for those of us in the mountains of AZ, there…

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Exploding Car Windows??

shattered glass

Occasionally we have customers come to us with shattered windows, saying the glass either exploded while they were driving or that they came out to a shattered window. Their initial thoughts are usually that someone shot the glass (yes, with a gun) or that some pesky neighbor kid must have broken the glass with a…

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The Craziest Stuff We’ve Heard

Customer Looking Confused at her Computer

  Customers Say the Craziest Things! After talking with some fellow auto glass shops from around the country and a few overseas, we began to wonder what the craziest, strangest things customers have accused or said to us after a job. We asked around and this is what came back, enjoy! All names and locations…

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How We Get Our Glass

  Have you ever considered how exactly we auto glass shops select and receive windshields? How do we know which one will fit and how do we go about getting it? If my intuition is correct, none of you have ever thought about these things, but I don’t blame you. Like many services we employ,…

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DIY Windshield Replacement?

Dave adjusting a windshield wiper

In the world of Pinterest and DIY, a lot of people are considering what they can do themselves that they would normally pay someone to do. Painting a house, changing your oil, you name it, people are opting to get a little messy to pinch some pennies. We don’t blame them either! There are certain…

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Chip Repairs: Do they really disappear?

Close up of Dave's hand doing a Chip Repair

Most people don’t exactly know how a windshield chip repair works. To be fair, it’s not exactly a trending topic of discussions and there isn’t any reason why people should know how it works. However, lucky for you, I am here to tell you the truths and myths behind it. Misconceptions & Pre-conceived Notions Glass…

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Scientific(?) Proof Why Dogs Stick Their Head Out the Window

We’ve all seen our beloved pets stick their furry faces out the window, their tongue flopping in the wind and drool painting the side of our car. But have you ever wondered why they do it? We assume it’s because they enjoy it, something about the wind flowing through their hair maybe. I don’t think…

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Why Your Windshield is so Expensive

Not all windshields are created equally. Tragic, I know, but it’s the truth. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat them all equally, but that’s another topic for another day. Just about every vehicle that exists for consumer use has a windshield; some form of clear glass or plastic designed to keep rain, dirt, rocks, and…

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What is a “Sandblasted” Windshield?

Everyone has had a chip or crack in their windshield before. It’s a frustrating experience but luckily most insurances cover this. Auto glass shops usually only replace windshields that have huge breaks or cracks. But few people fail to realize there are other cases that warrant a windshield replacement. Sandblasting happens to be one of…

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