Traveling with Pets

  We adore our beloved pets. Whether it’s your furry little companion or your feathery flying friend, it can prove difficult to travel with pets.

Between being cramped in a car and unaware of a destination, traveling is just as stressful for them as it is for you. Fear not though, there are things you can do to make traveling easier for them and more relaxing for you.

You’re sitting in their spot!

Typically, pets find comfort in being close to their owners. If you’ve ever traveled with a dog, then you know how they love to try to climb into your lap while you are driving.

Annoying and dangerous as this is, they are only trying to find comfort and guess what, you are their number one go to for comfort. Even with caged pets, they would much rather be right next to you then in the back of the car.

The best thing to do, if someone is in the passenger seat, is to create a sort of sanctuary for them in the back. Lay down towels, blankets, or pillows and leave enough room for them to lay down, stand, and turn around. Place some of their comfort items in that space too.

Be it a ratty old blanket or a fluffy chew toy, your goal is to make them feel comfortable. You could even place a little bowl of water and some snacks back there too, depending on how long or bumpy the trip is.


This is a tough one. Pets are not really meant to travel in cars. Pets want to wander around the car when they travel and who can blame them? Vehicle seats are hardly designed for our furry, tailed best friends.

There are some pet travel products you can buy to make your pet safer in the car, such as dog/cat seat harnesses and specialized car crates. If you don’t want to drop a lot of cash though, the best thing you can do is to drive cautiously and obey the rules of the road.

Chances are if you drive defensively, then you will get your furry friend to the destination with no trouble.

En Route

The route you decide to take should be taken into consideration with your beloved dog, cat, bird, or rabbit. Like humans, some animals are prone to motion sickness or anxiety. Therefore, if the quickest way to the vet has lots of twists and turns, go a different route. It might take a little longer but your pet, and upholstery, will thank you in the end.

With restless pets, it might pay to take the bumpier or curvier road if it’s quicker. But you should always consider your pet’s behavior when traveling with him or her.

Comfort, overall, is key

Your main goal when traveling with pets is to make their experience as comfortable as possible. Relieving stress by creating a familiar environment is essential to developing positive connotations surrounding travel.

It is equally as important to consider safety when commuting with your best friend as well. There are numerous safety harnesses and nets you can purchase for your pet but the best thing you can do to increase their safety is to drive safely. Slow down and remember who you’re traveling with.

Finally, take the route that best fits the personality of your pet. If he or she easily sicken, then opt for smooth and straight roads, but if they get antsy and restless, go for the quickest route to lessen their time spent confined in the car.

Overall, take care and be considerate towards your pet. I know you only ever want them to be comfortable, and now they can be. Safe driving and happy adventuring!



Author: B. Delamater

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