Trust Us

red camero in garageHaving an emotional attachment to material things is somewhat frowned upon in our society. We are taught to cherish people and moments rather than objects and things.

However, as some of us know, we tend to develop an emotional bond with some of our favorite things anyways. Whether it’s your favorite hair tie or an expensive muscle car, we get attached.

A common object in our lives that many of us are attached to is our vehicle. The combination of how much it cost and what it represents is the perfect combination for those emotional attachments to form.

Don’t feel weird, it’s a natural thing we’ve all experienced with one car or another. Most of us loved our first car even if it was a piece of junk.

This is why we completely understand your anxious feelings when you come to our shop for a repair or replacement. You are entrusting us, complete strangers, with your precious vehicle to be partially taken apart and put back together. It’s nerve-racking to think about, but we assure you there is Dave performing a chip repairnothing to worry about.

We understand the special bond between a person and their vehicle, which is why we take extra care while repairing or replacing the glass on your vehicle. We warranty all our work and will be sure to address any questions or concerns you have about the process.

So the next time you come in for a repair, you needn’t worry. We’ll take good care of your baby and make sure you get it back in better shape then you left it.

Happy adventures!

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