We Love Animals!

We understand how essential animals are in our everyday lives. I myself have an 11-year-old puppy; yes, he is still and always will be a puppy. I mean he’s still afraid of the dark how can he not be? What I am trying to say is I understand if your dog, cat, bird, squirrel, whatever is your world. And the rest of us here at Adventure Auto Glass understand too.

We feel every business should participate in the community and help give something back. As cheesy as that sounds, we still believe it to be true which is why we offer the “Adventure with Animals” program. Through this program, when you get a windshield replaced using your full coverage insurance, we donate $25 to any animal organization our customers wish in THEIR name.

Our goal is to help you help animals in need. We understand not everyone can donate to ever charity an organization out there. So through “Adventure with Animals” you are able to donate in your name with a windshield replacement; not costing you a cent extra.

All you have to do is mention our “Adventure with Animals” program when you schedule or pay. Then tell us which animal organization you wish to donate to and we’ll take care of the rest. Oh! And tell us your name, that’s pretty important too. For more information, check out the FAQs or give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Love your pets and happy adventuring!!



Author: Ben Delamater

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