To Replace or Repair

Chip Repair? How To Know If Your Windshield Can Be Replaced

How do you know if you should replace your windshield rather than just get a chip repair? If your chip is larger than a quarter, you need to consider getting a replacement. Most shops do not fill in cracks. Things you should know:

*The windshield is a HUGE part of your car. In case of an accident, your windshield plays an important role in protecting you and your family. Therefore, your windshield should be in good condition!

Dave Doing An Auto Glass Chip Repair

*Chip repairs don’t always disappear after they have been repaired. The number one reason to get a chip repair is to ensure the integrity of your windshield, not the good look of it.

*Windshield replacement is important when you have cracks longer than a dollar bill or chips in your line of vision.

*Pitted windshields cannot be repaired. This type of windshield looks like a disco ball in the sun. A lot of glare comes into the driver’s line of vision and making it quite dangerous. These pits are too small to repair. A replacement is needed.

Sometimes a chip can be tricky to repair.  The best advice is have an auto glass technician take a look at it.  No chips are equal or the same.  It all depends on how the rock hits the windshield.


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