Adventure Auto Glass is an automotive glass installation and windshield repair facility. We are a socially responsible, locally owned and operated company. Adventure Auto Glass has been in business since 2005.

Road Sign that says Prescott and Cottonwood. Monsoon sky facing Chino Valley.

We service Cottonwood, Arizona!

Dave has served the community of Cottonwood since 1995. He loves the community spirit and vitality of Old Town Cottonwood.  If you haven’t been to Cottonwood, you need to make the trip. It was home to the Sinagua, Yavapai and Apache tribes. The first house was constructed by Charles and G.M. (Mack) Willard. They built the house for their mother. It is still standing in Old Town.

Cottonwood was known for it’s agriculture and a one stop shop for the Camp Verde soldiers and miners of Jerome. Powerful men in the mining trade opened Clarkdale and Clemnceau as company towns so if someone wanted to own some property or open a business, they headed to Cottonwood.

In 1925 a fire took out most of the town so came new construction which meant that the old boardwalks were now replaced with cement sidewalks. Old Town has earned a spot with the National Register of Historic Places. Wineries, eclectic shops and unique experiences happen every day in Old Town.  The life and vitality are something to experience.

If you are planning a visit, be sure to visit the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce for the MUST SEE galleries, wineries and restaurants!

Close up of Dave's hand doing a Chip RepairDid you know?

Arizona is rated as the highest state in the union for auto glass replacements due to all of the rocks.  Dave is committed to taking care of your windshield and your automotive glass so that you can get back on the road and take care of business. To find out more about Adventure Auto Glass and how we repair and replace your windshield, click here: