• Will you take care of billing my insurance company for me?

    Yes, let Adventure Auto Glass help you make the claim to help you either repair or replace your windshield.  We take care of the paperwork and billing. Leave it up to us! 

    Did you know we can replace any glass on your vehicle including windows, sunroofs and back glass?

  • Do you have mobile service to my home or work?

    Yes, we come to your location in order to save you time and money!  Some vehicles may require in shop service.  We ask you for the year, make and model so we can best advise you for the best possible service. 

    We try to take the adventure out of fixing your windshield and auto glass.

  • Are you licensed and insured?

    Yes, in fact, auto glass vendors who have preference with the insurance companies  have to have current licensing and insurance in order to meet the standards of the insurance company.

    We have preference with the insurance companies, therefore, you are not only protected by your insurance company but by Adventure Auto Glass as well.

    If you like attention to detail, Dave is your guy.  Your windshield will look fabulous after Dave repairs or replaces it.

    Adventure Auto Glass can replace any glass in your car including mirrors, door glass, back glass and sunroofs.

  • What is “Adventure With Animals”

    When you replace your windshield  using your full coverage insurance, Adventure Auto Glass donates $25 to any animal organization in YOUR name.

    Our goal is to help you help animals in need. We understand not everyone can donate to ever charity and organization out there. Through “Adventure with Animals”, you are able to donate in your name with a windshield replacement. 

  • What if I only have liability coverage? (No Glass Coverage)

    Liability policies do not usually cover auto glass services. We will be happy to give you an out of pocket or cash quote for your windshield or other automotive glass replacement. Adventure Auto Glass offers many payment options including cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

  • What if my deductible is the same or more than the auto glass service? 

    In this case you will probably want to bypass the insurance claim process and we will provide you with a cash quote for your windshield or automotive glass situation.

  • Do I have the right to choose my auto glass repair and replacement facility?

    YES! By law you have the right to choose any glass shop to fix your windshield or other automotive glass needs. 

    Do not be steered to use a shop you do not want.  You have the right to choose who works on your vehicle.

    If a third party administrator tell you that you HAVE to use a certain shop, that is illegal and unethical.  YOU have the right to choose.  It's your car.  You pay your insurance bill.  You choose who works on your automobile.

  • Who am I really talking to when I am making a claim?

    You are most likely talking to a third party administrator (TPA) that is financially affiliated with another glass shop. Be aware that the third party network IS NOT your insurance company. Steering you away from your shop of choice is an unethical and illegal practice. You have the right to choose.

  • Do you offer a warranty?

    Yes, Adventure Auto Glass offers a limited lifetime warranty on every installation for as long as you own your vehicle. Our warranty includes, but is not limited to, workmanship, material defects and leaking. Proper adhesive cure times are an important factor for a safe installation.

  • How long will it take for the adhesives to set up before I can safely drive the car? 

    Even though today’s urethane products are stronger than ever, your vehicle should sit for an hour at minimum. Depending on the moisture, humidity, and outside air temperature, cure times vary from an hour to weeks in some cases.

  • Do I need to contact my agent or insurance company before I contact Adventure Auto Glass?

    You can but you don’t need to. Most agents refer their insured to the glass shop for assistance in making a claim. We encourage our customers to communicate to their agent or insurance company with regards to any services involving their automobile.

  • Will filing an auto glass claim ding my insurance policy and increase my rates?

    It could, depending on how and where your policy was written. Glass is considered a rider to your comprehensive coverage and should not affect your rates by Arizona law. Please contact your agent and/or insurance provider to confirm your specific coverage. We are happy to assist you with this call.

  • Are all rock chips repairable? 

    No. The size, severity, location and age of breakage will determine if the chip can be repaired. Our technicians can determine this once they have looked at your vehicle.

    Take a look at our blog for more information about the chip repair and what you can expect.

    Just click anywhere on this section to get to the blog post.