Auto Glass Steering

Auto Glass Steering Affects You – Learn How Here   Auto glass steering happens when you call the third-party administrator who is hired by your insurance company and they either do not give you a choice or just assign you a shop to take care of your vehicle. Scare tactics are used in order to…

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How to Market a Boring Industry

Car Windshield

The auto glass repair industry is a straightforward one. Car glass cracks or breaks, the glass shop orders replacement glass, then they repair it. That’s it. Marketing opportunities are limited! While other industries offer a wide range of services and products, the auto glass industry is narrow. There is one type of glass for each…

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We Have Moved!

we moved

Yup! You read that right; we moved! Although we loved our Florentine location, we moved on to greener pastures. I am sure you all have questions and I am here to answer them as best as I can. Let’s get started! When? We’ve already moved! Come visit us at our new location! Where? We are…

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Happy New Year orange background with white text that reads "2020"

Happy New Year! 2020 is off and rolling with so much going on, good and bad. However, we are not going to focus on what’s already wrong. Instead, let us focus on what is going well and perhaps how to solve what we would like to change. Essentially, this is our top 5 New Year’s…

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Top 10 South West Road Trip Destinations

This is our short list of go-to road trip destinations around the South West U.S. There are some that have been left off, but then again, 10 spaces isn’t nearly enough to include all the great places to visit in the SW. Let us know how many you’ve been to or what you’ve heard about…

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MUST HAVE Road Trip Essentials

Summer is the season for roads trips. The warm weather and desire to escape it is enough to get anyone in an air-conditioned car. Besides, who wants to stay at home all summer anyway? We are meant to travel and see the world during these few warm, and sometimes unbearably scorching, months. If you have…

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Help Us Help You

Dave giving his customer service smile

Customer Service is always on our mind. Calling is a diminishing form of communication. Between text, email, and FaceTime, many people don’t see the point of a simple call. Often times, the person on the other end is unhelpful, preoccupied, or just plain rude. However, calling is still the insisted method of communicating with just…

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Best of Surveys 4 Year Champion!

We did it!! Yet again, for the fourth year in a row, Adventure Auto Glass has received the Best of Surveys Award! We are very honored to receive this award and title. As a local business, customer service and reviews can make or break us which is why we place a lot of thought into…

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Extreme Temperatures – Chips into Cracks Part 2

Have you ever put a piping hot glass pan into the sink and run cold water over it? If you’re like me, that’s happened too many times. This can happen to your windshield; not in the exact same way, but very similarly, especially in a hot state like Arizona. Heat expands materials, like the ones…

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Extreme Temperatures

Chips into Cracks Part 1   Have you ever put a glass mug of hot water in the freezer? I have, and it’s not fun. But that’s not what we’re interested in; what happens to the glass after it’s one extreme temperature and is exposed to the opposite extreme temperature? It cracks. This is essentially…

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