What is the Difference Between Repair and Replace?

Repair or Replace – which is it and why does it matter? We get so many questions every day. A big one is what is the difference between repair and replace?  It’s a great question with an equally great answer. The Windshield Replacement:  When you have a crack that is longer than a dollar bill…

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Why Windshield Chips Spread in the Winter

shattered glass

As cold temperatures set in, we remind ourselves of the wonderful problem that plagues our windshields, the chip. If you’re a frequent reader of our blogs, you may be familiar with what a chip repair is and why it can turn into a crack. If not, buckle up and get ready to learn! A windshield…

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Chip Repairs – What you need to know!

vintage yellow car

This is a short update to our previous blogs about chip repairs and a little reminder of what we can and cannot guarantee. As you may or may not know, repairs are only ever an attempt at fixing a chip in your windshield. It does not guarantee that the chip won’t crack out nor does…

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The Chip Marathon

Dave doing a chip repair on a customer's car.

*ring ring* Hello? “Hi, is your chip running?” *click*   You can’t see me, but I am taking a bow for that highly intellectual joke re-write. Thank you, I am here all year! Anyways…… The Chips. We’ve mentioned them a few times here before. I’m sure there are a couple of old ‘Chip’ blogs laying…

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DIY Windshield Replacement?

Dave adjusting a windshield wiper

In the world of Pinterest and DIY, a lot of people are considering what they can do themselves that they would normally pay someone to do. Painting a house, changing your oil, you name it, people are opting to get a little messy to pinch some pennies. We don’t blame them either! There are certain…

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Chip Repairs: Do they really disappear?

Close up of Dave's hand doing a Chip Repair

Most people don’t exactly know how a windshield chip repair works. To be fair, it’s not exactly a trending topic of discussions and there isn’t any reason why people should know how it works. However, lucky for you, I am here to tell you the truths and myths behind it. Misconceptions & Pre-conceived Notions Glass…

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What You Need to Know about Chip Repairs

Here we are, once again, to explain the whole deal with chip repairs. You can take your car to an auto glass shop, like Adventure Auto Glass (shameless self-plug), when your windshield gets a rock chip. If you didn’t know, now you do and you can just repair your windshield instead of replacing it. HOWEVER,…

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The Chip Repair


Chips in a windshield, although scary looking, are usually not as scary as they are made out to be. In the event you wish to repair a chip, a common misconception is that they will completely disappear after the repair. Windshields act as a failsafe for the roof in the case of an accident, which…

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All Chips Are Not Created (or Repaired) Equally.

The largest misconception regarding chips is that they will disappear once repair has been done on the chip. The sole purpose of a rock chip repair is to maintain the structural integrity of the windshield. Any aesthetic improvements are considered a bonus. A windshield is considered broken once it has a rock chip in it.…

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It’s HOT in Here: Auto Glass + Heat = Hot Mess!

Auto Glass + Heat = Hot Mess Why does that chip break out when it’s hot outside? Auto glass often cracks under extreme heat.  Guess what?  It’s hot outside.  Hence why we say Auto Glass + Heat = Hot Mess.  If you have a chip and you turn on your air conditioner, chances are, it’s…

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