Your Insurance, Your Car, and Your Glass Shop

Your insurance, your car, and your glass shop; what you need to know. Automobiles are getting fancier.  The game has changed with your insurance, your car and your glass shop. That means your windshield is getting fancier.  There are many things that are either in or connected to your windshield including heater wiper park areas,…

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Why Customer Service is so Important

Dave Standing next to the Adventure Auto Glass van

No matter what anyone says, customers are the life-matter of every business, small or large. This sounds like a simple concept, like common sense. Yet if you look around at many businesses, you will find a massive lack of adequate customer service. Beyond a Simple Welcome It is very easy to underestimate the complexity of…

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The Craziest Stuff We’ve Heard

Customer Looking Confused at her Computer

  Customers Say the Craziest Things! After talking with some fellow auto glass shops from around the country and a few overseas, we began to wonder what the craziest, strangest things customers have accused or said to us after a job. We asked around and this is what came back, enjoy! All names and locations…

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The Woes and Wearies of Customer Service

Black Business Telephone used for Customer Service

The Era of Customer Service Think about how often you interact with customer service representatives each week. For most of us, interacting with customer service is part of our everyday routine, whether that is running errands, making calls, and even going to work. We live in an era of service and thus it is nearly…

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Reviews, Reviews, and More Reviews

Paper that Reads Customer Reviews

Shopping for a quality product or service has never been so easy yet so difficult. There are quite possibly thousands of options and variations for every product or service on the market. Figuring out what’s a scam and what’s real can be a nightmare, but there is a tool that can help! Customer Reviews Customer…

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A Little Patience Goes a Long Way

Snowy car, praticing patience in bad weather

Customer service, patience and why it’s so important in our industry. Why suddenly a blog about patience? Due to our recent and rather dramatic snowfall here in sunny Arizona, we have had to reschedule quite a few appointments. It is not the fault of any individual, after all, no one could leave their home for…

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Customer Service Problems

people working by a window in an office

As we know, customer service is essential in the business world. Regardless of your industry, company, product, or service, you have a customer. They may not be average, everyday individuals but, they are customers, nonetheless. Even large oil corporations, who likely never encounter the end user must exercise customer service. They sell their raw or…

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A Customer Service Horror Story

The Incident Recently, I had a rather horrific experience with customer service the other day. I was waiting in a doctor’s office for someone to finish their appointment, I was the chauffeur, when an elderly woman came in. Keep in mind the area which I live is predominantly elderly, so she was not an unordinary…

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Customer Service: It’s More Important Than You Think

When it comes to running a business, selling a product, or providing a service, there is one single aspect that can build a company up to riches, or cause it to crumble under its own faults. Customer service is one of the most important, if not the most important aspect of any business. If you…

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October. . . .it was frightening.

Politics, Death and Moving Peace, Love, Hug So it’s been quite the year for a lot of people.  2016 started out with such optimism.  New year, new start.  And it began.  Death, upon death upon death.  Our celebrities were dropping like flies.  For some, it was devastating.  I never understood Elvis fans and their continued…

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