Trifecta of “Possible” Auto Glass Scams – You Need to Know!

Auto Glass Scams:  Buyer Beware We have had several customers ask us lately about that phone call they are getting.  Have you gotten it?  “Hi!  It’s time for your FREE windshield!”  They call every 3 months or so…..yeah, you know the one.  Is this really true?  A FREE windshield?  No.  If you have insurance, they…

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Exploding Car Windows??

shattered glass

Occasionally we have customers come to us with shattered windows, saying the glass either exploded while they were driving or that they came out to a shattered window. Their initial thoughts are usually that someone shot the glass (yes, with a gun) or that some pesky neighbor kid must have broken the glass with a…

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A Guide to the VIN

Graphic explaining a VIN

Likely having had your windshield replaced before, there are probably terms you’ve heard auto glass techs use. Perhaps you’ve even been asked for the VIN on your windshield or piece of glass. We’re guessing you have and that you have no idea where to find it or even what a VIN is. That’s perfectly fine.…

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The Auto Glass Bug

This is the auto glass bug that comes on dealer glass

What is a bug? Why would we be asking such a simple question? We all know what bugs are, they are the creepy crawlies that annoy us outside in the summer and irritate us inside in the winter. Plus, they make a mess on our windshields driving down the highway! I’m not talking about that…

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Break It!

broken windshield

As an auto glass shop, it’s only natural that we regularly discuss repair and replacing your windshield and auto glass. It is what we do every day! Since we never talk about breaking your windshield on purpose, is there ever a reason to? Yes! There is. That is right folks, an auto glass repair shop…

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A Brief History of the Automobile

Cars have been around for our entire lives and its history is one of great fascination. Sadly, no one today that was around before automobiles were invented. Before you jump up to argue, the oldest living person was born in 1900 and the first automobile was invented around 1885. So, everyone alive today is younger…

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Magic Melting Marks – Lines on Your Rear Windshield Explained

Dave using primer to avoid rusty windshield problems on the back glass

Defroster in your back window:  Have you ever wondered how those little lines on your rear windshield defrost so quickly and easily? Well, I have too which is why I decided to do a little research to find out what they are, how they work, and why on Earth they aren’t on our front windshield.…

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What is OEM Glass?

When customers are told about OEM and OEE (After Market) glass, they tend to get confused about the differences, and rightfully so. There is a lot of minute differences with how they’re made, their legal restrictions, their pricing, and much more. What exactly is OEM glass? OEM glass, or Original Equipment Manufactured glass, is auto…

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Sunroof Maintenance and Care

There are several aspects to caring for and maintaining your vehicle’s sunroof. As easy as you might like it to be, sunroof care is a bit more than just washing off the dirt when the entire car is washed. Cleaning Products It is very important to use the right products when cleaning your sunroof and…

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What is the Difference Between Laminated and Tempered Auto Glass

Why is the glass in your car different from the glass in your house or even the glass holding your drink? Laminated vs. Tempered There are a few different components that dictate which type of glass goes where, and I’m here to answer any questions you may have or tell you some interesting information you…

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