What is the Difference Between Repair and Replace?

Repair or Replace – which is it and why does it matter? We get so many questions every day. A big one is what is the difference between repair and replace?  It’s a great question with an equally great answer. The Windshield Replacement:  When you have a crack that is longer than a dollar bill…

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Top 5 Questions to Ask an Auto Glass Shop

This is our top five list of questions we recommend you ask any auto glass repair shop you use, including Adventure Auto Glass! We’ve given our answers to each question below. 1. Why won’t the auto glass shop set an exact time for my mobile appointment? We don’t set an exact time because the previous…

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We Need Your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Is it safe to share your VIN – Vehicle Identification Number? As Americans, we hold a certain level of secrecy around personal identifying numbers. We shroud our Social Security number in secrecy, hold tight to our credit card numbers, and even blur out license plates in pictures. To what effect? In addition to the obvious…

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And Where Are My Keys? Locked Inside. . . .Taunting Me

We have all been there. The hair on the back of your neck goes up.  You get that chill up your spine. The sweat starts on your scalp and your upper lip.  Locked inside. . my keys. .taunting me from my seat.    How could I be so careless? How could I do this to…

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Auto Glass Problems. . . We Get It.

Auto Glass Replacement Problems are Unfortunate but Fixable Do You Have Auto Glass Replacement Problems? The auto glass industry is unregulated.  What does that mean?  The quick and dirty answer is this; no regulation means that anyone can cut into your car.  ANYONE. Here are a few things you might run into when you need…

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Trifecta of “Possible” Auto Glass Scams – You Need to Know!

Auto Glass Scams:  Buyer Beware We have had several customers ask us lately about that phone call they are getting.  Have you gotten it?  “Hi!  It’s time for your FREE windshield!”  They call every 3 months or so…..yeah, you know the one.  Is this really true?  A FREE windshield?  No.  If you have insurance, they…

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Exploding Car Windows??

shattered glass

Occasionally we have customers come to us with shattered windows, saying the glass either exploded while they were driving or that they came out to a shattered window. Their initial thoughts are usually that someone shot the glass (yes, with a gun) or that some pesky neighbor kid must have broken the glass with a…

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A Guide to the VIN

Graphic explaining a VIN

Likely having had your windshield replaced before, there are probably terms you’ve heard auto glass techs use. Perhaps you’ve even been asked for the VIN on your windshield or piece of glass. We’re guessing you have and that you have no idea where to find it or even what a VIN is. That’s perfectly fine.…

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The Auto Glass Bug

This is the auto glass bug that comes on dealer glass

What is a bug? Why would we be asking such a simple question? We all know what bugs are, they are the creepy crawlies that annoy us outside in the summer and irritate us inside in the winter. Plus, they make a mess on our windshields driving down the highway! I’m not talking about that…

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Break It!

broken windshield

As an auto glass shop, it’s only natural that we regularly discuss repair and replacing your windshield and auto glass. It is what we do every day! Since we never talk about breaking your windshield on purpose, is there ever a reason to? Yes! There is. That is right folks, an auto glass repair shop…

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