German Business Practices

American businesses are fairly unique in that, for the most part, operate inside the U.S. Many of them do operate and trade with foreign countries, but their headquarters are usually inside the U.S. and small businesses typically never have to deal with foreign nations ever. This sounds not necessarily bad, but it’s not necessarily great…

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Camping and How to Do It

adventure auto glass

Spring and summer can be the perfect time of year for a camping trip. The weather is getting nicer and the trees are filling in again. Whether you prefer to camp in a parking lot style park or out in the forest, there are several tips and supplies you should remember. Roughin’ It Camping can…

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Driving in the Snow: 5 Tips from Arizona Drivers

Driving in the snow is something that most Arizonians do well.  We have a lot of practice.  We figured, since the entire country with the exception of Florida and Arizona have record snowfall, we might help you all out.  So here is a list of 5 easy things for you to do as you continue…

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