ADAS – Windshield Recalibration

Recalibration and ADAS – What is it and why do I need it?


Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are your collision avoidance technologies (for example, lane departure warning and blind-spot applications) and driver aids, such as lane departure, night vision, driver alertness, and adaptive cruise control.


This means adjusting, aligning, and dialing in the advanced components of the ADAS systems placed throughout your vehicle for your safety.

Equipment used to recalibrate your car. ADAS recalibration is now done at Adventure Auto Glass.

Great News:

Dave is recalibrating now. You don’t have to wait on the other company any longer.  Dave will recalibrate after the windshield installation.  Dave and Jim are doing static, dual, and dynamic recalibration every day! We are proud to announce we are a one-stop shop!


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