Auto Glass Probs. . . We Get It.

Auto Glass Problems are Unfortunate but Fixable

Do You Have Auto Glass Problems? The auto glass industry is unregulated.  What does that mean?  The quick and dirty answer is this; no regulation means that anyone can cut into your car.  ANYONE.

Here are a few things you might run into when you need our services:

  • Auto Glass Gone Wrong
  • Broken Windshield
  • A small chip
  • The chip that turned into a HUGE CRACK
  • A small or LARGE animal hits your car
  • Rocks.  Yup.  we have rocks.
  • ExPloDinG glass – it happens
  • Mirrors are stolen or fall off
  • Your sunroof breaks
  • Weed whackers – self-explanatory
  • Animals inside your car wanting to escape – we hope this isn’t ever the case!
  • I-17 – huhhhh…yeah
  • A dust storm – now your windshield is pitted
  • The inevitable window that no longer closes or opens – WHY CAN’T THEY LAST?????
  • The crazy scratches on the door windows – Dirt in your door gets stuck on those black wispy things on either side of your glass and scratches when rolling up and down your windows
  • That film on the inside of your windshield – you know, you can draw finger art in it
  • Noise, creaking, leaking, odd sounds. . . . yeah we know

This is a small list of things that we can help you with.  It’s crazy.  You don’t think about us until one of them happen.  We know, we understand, and it’s okay.  Dave just had a great vacation and is ready to roll!  If you have auto glass problems, let us help!

Why us though?  Don’t take my word for it, take our customer’s word for it!

Edd from Sedona:

“Our prior experience with Adventure Auto Glass and the very personable service by Dave made it a no-brainer to use them again.
Prompt, friendly, caring and professional service – you feel like a valued customer.
My thanks to Dave and Jim for the quality job in not only installing my new windshield but taking additional steps to care for my car surrounds. I enjoyed the casual conversation with them while they worked, nice to use a local company that supports our community as well.
If in need, I highly recommend using the best – Adventure Auto Glass.”

If you didn’t like that one, we have many more!  Take a look on our website or Google listing!

Auto glass problems are a part of life.  But they don’t have to ruin your day.  We got you!

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