Your Insurance, Your Car, and Your Glass Shop

Your insurance, your car, and your glass shop; what you need to know.

Automobiles are getting fancier.  The game has changed with your insurance, your car and your glass shop. That means your windshield is getting fancier.  There are many things that are either in or connected to your windshield including heater wiper park areas, rain sensors, LDWS (lane departure warning systems), third visor frits, heads-up displays, and the list goes on and on.  The days are gone of simply putting in a new windshield.  Your auto glass shop will ask for your VIN so that we can find your piece of glass.

What we see when looking at your car.

Here is an example of a Chevy Truck – back in the day there were only one or two choices, but now there are several.  This is why we can’t give you an instant quote and why we need your VIN Number – we have to call the dealer to figure out what you have in your car.  Some cars have up to 20 different windshields to choose from and if we order you the wrong part, either it won’t fit or your extras won’t work.


What does this mean for you?

What does this mean for you?  Unfortunately, longer wait times.  Depending on your car and the camera system, we may need dealer glass.  If we do, we have to ask your insurance company for authorization.  This takes anywhere from minutes to days depending on your insurance company.  If they give us authorization, we then need to order it from the dealer.  Again, it could take a day to months depending on the availability of the glass.

What you can do.

If your insurance company does not give us authorization you have two choices.  1) We put in what they do authorize and hope for the best or 2) you pay the difference between what the insurance company authorizes and what the dealer windshield costs.  This is where it gets weird.  You have full glass coverage, therefore your insurance company should cover the entire bill, right?  We agree.  But they do not.  You need to talk with your agent about what, exactly is covered so you understand what is allowed.  We cannot tell you as every insurance company is different and they are changing their policies daily.

broken glass Your glass shop cannot call the insurance company and change things for you; you must do it or be on the line with the glass shop.

With the weather we have had and the technical problems with glass creation, storage, and demand, things are running 2-4 weeks behind so we appreciate your patience and consideration.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.





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