Your Choice Adventure! – Travel Troubles 1b

Welcome to Your Choice Adventure!

Follow along and make decisions on this short and fun driving adventure! You may even learn a thing or two by the time you’re done. Back to Start.

You chose to Keep Going

Realizing you need to hurry home; you decide to enjoy the scenes from your windshield. Speeding up the mountain, you get home in record time! To your dismay, you notice five new rock chips in your windshield! FIVE! One or two could have been repaired, but five? You know your windshield will have to be replaced with five. Setting down your anguish, you call your local auto glass shop, Adventure Auto Glass. They schedule you an appointment the following evening, ensuring they will take care of everything. With that, you are finally able to relax and enjoy being home.


Thank you for playing along with our Choose Your Own Adventure! Although short, we hope you enjoyed it and would love to hear your suggestions for our next Choose Your Own Adventure! Thank you!


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