Rainy Season

Monsoon Season had finally begun! Sure, the start “date” of the monsoon season has long since passed, but real rain didn’t start falling until the end of July.

[Well…all of this applies if we ever get any more rain…*collective sigh*]

With the monsoon season starting, there are important things that you need to be mindful of, especially regarding your vehicle.

Windshields in Monsoon

A normal windshield with no cracks or chips needs no extra care during the rainy monsoon. However, one with that fatal chip needs a little extra care.

Before it rains, place a piece of clear tape over the chip to prevent any water from getting into it. Water in a chip will expand, potentially causing the chip to turn into a crack.

As for an already existing crack, we don’t recommend tape as by that point, it’s too late to prevent it from spreading.

TiresSubaru tire

Checking your tire tread and pressure are crucial during the monsoon season. Having enough tread and optimal tire pressure allows your vehicle to stop as quickly as it can, especially in the rain.

Along with tires, you should also make sure your brake pads are up for the challenge of stopping your vehicle in the rain.


Windshield wipers are key in seeing the road during monsoons. That’s obvious. While old crusty wipers will “work” in the rain, newer blades will make driving in the rain so much easier and safer.

If your blades are fine, then all you need to do is wipe them Windshield wiper on dirty windshield off before it starts raining. This will help prevent dust and dirt from scrapping and scratching your windshield. Additionally, make sure your wiper fluid is topped off for when the rain does stop.

Be Safe

Those are the main things you need to check on your vehicle. Other than that, just be sure to drive with care, break earlier than normal, and drive a little slower. monsoon + road oil = very slick!!

Additionally, never drive through a flooded portion of the road. You likely don’t know how deep the water is or how strong the flow is! Arizona is a state prone to flash floods as well, so be aware, be smart, and be safe!

However, don’t forget to have fun! The rain provides so many new adventure opportunities! Be safe out there!

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