We Have Moved!

we moved

Yup! You read that right; we moved! Although we loved our Florentine location, we moved on to greener pastures. I am sure you all have questions and I am here to answer them as best as I can. Let’s get started! When? We’ve already moved! Come visit us at our new location! Where? We are…

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Your Choice Adventure! – Travel Troubles 2a

woman pointing at road map looking for adventure

Welcome to Your Choice Adventure! Follow along and make decisions on this short and fun driving adventure! You may even learn a thing or two by the time you’re done. Back to Start. You chose to drive over the cardboard. With little concern, you drive over the cardboard. Nothing happens and you carry on your…

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The Ultimate AAG Sedona Road Trip Playlist

The Ultimate AAG Sedona Road Trip Playlist While you and your                             loved ones travel to Sedona this summer, here is a playlist to keep everyone in the car happy and excited for the sunshine! Perfect for this upcoming 4th of July…

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Your Car and Freezing

Car Modifications on Red Porche on icy highway

  Winter time introduces an entirely new variety of issues for car owners. The colder the temperature becomes, the more difficult it is for your engine to start functioning. Metal, rubber, and liquids that are all essential to the startup of an engine become stiff, brittle, and even frozen during the winter months. This might…

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What Glass Services Do We Offer?

Often, we get calls asking if we do chip repairs, windshield replacements, home window installation, etc.  Even though our company’s name is Adventure Auto Glass and we answer the phone with “Adventure Auto Glass this is ____…”, the calls continue. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to shame anybody (but you know who…

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Top 10 South West Road Trip Destinations

This is our short list of go-to road trip destinations around the South West U.S. There are some that have been left off, but then again, 10 spaces isn’t nearly enough to include all the great places to visit in the SW. Let us know how many you’ve been to or what you’ve heard about…

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MUST HAVE Road Trip Essentials

Summer is the season for roads trips. The warm weather and desire to escape it is enough to get anyone in an air-conditioned car. Besides, who wants to stay at home all summer anyway? We are meant to travel and see the world during these few warm, and sometimes unbearably scorching, months. If you have…

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Winter is Here, Get Ready

The first day of winter has come and gone and the real winter weather is finally kicking in. With temperatures here in our state plummeting for winters arrival, it’s important to start to prep for the even colder months to come in the new year. Although Arizona rarely sees more than 6 inches of snow,…

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Amazing Autumn Areas in Arizona

For every other state in the Mid-West, on the East Coast, in the South, and in New England, the changing colors of trees and the Autumn breeze just means more yard work. Simply it’s just another task to complete having to rake the leaves, bag the leaves, mulch the leaves. It’s a yearly process they…

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Weather Safety and Your Car; Steps You Can Take Now!

Stormy skies and an empty road reinforcing Weather Safety and Your Car: Steps You Can Take Now!

Weather Safety and Your Car: Steps You Can Take Now!  Winter and Fall are beautiful seasons filled with an abundance of thrilling activities. From hiking through the changing leaves to sledding down remote hillsides, these back to back seasons are simply a blast. However, like most things in life, Fall and Winter have a dark…

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