5 Fun Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

toyota prius getting washed

Summer is hot. Summer in Arizona is even more so. How should you cool down this summer? We have a few suggestions. 1. Shopping If you hate to shop, this is clearly not the solution for you. However, shopping means air conditioning, free air conditioning. 2. Wash Your Car Skip the auto car wash and…

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Top 10 Ways to Cool Off this Summer

Okay, wow just wow, it’s gotten extremely hot out. Sure, it’s summer and yes this might be typical, but after such a mild and warm winter, I don’t think we’re quite ready for this. Perhaps my memory is bad, or I refuse to admit that Arizona is a desert (it is), but these past few…

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What the Sun Does to Your Car

Living in Arizona the sun has gradually become the enemy to our cars, especially in the summer. If you have the misfortune of having to park outside in the summer, you know how hot your car can get; some parts of it can actually burn your skin to the point of needing medical attention. You…

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