Top 10 Ways to Cool Off this Summer

Okay, wow just wow, it’s gotten extremely hot out. Sure, it’s summer and yes this might be typical, but after such a mild and warm winter, I don’t think we’re quite ready for this. Perhaps my memory is bad, or I refuse to admit that Arizona is a desert (it is), but these past few weeks have been far too hot. I mean, I was born and raised in Arizona, so I feel like my tolerance for heat is fairly high. Who knows though, it might not be.

Complaining aside, I think a solution would be much better for you than a seven-paragraph rant about how much I hate the intense heat; I’m fine, just dramatic. Anyway, here’s what we can think of to either cool you off or take your mind off the heat without having to crank down your home AC down too much.

Road Trip!!

That’s right! A road trip is a great way to cool down and get your mind off the triple digits. Not only can you enjoy the car’s AC on the road, but you can also plan to go to a much cooler part of your area. For me, we are surrounded by national forests and a few small mountains that offer some relief. Further away Flagstaff and Show Low are typically much cooler; sometimes there’s even a 20-degree difference! So, find a city or forest you know will be cooler, and set off for a day trip.

Swimming (duh!)

This is an obvious one, but there are a few options for you to choose from here. Of course, if you have your own pool, you should be in it right now instead of reading this. If you don’t however, your community is likely to have a public swimming pool or YMC that you could swim for the day in.

There are a few more options though if public pools aren’t your thing. For example, many hotels offer local residents their pool for a small fee or possibly a monthly membership.

A more obvious option though would be to swim in a local creek, lake, or river if you’re able. Not only are these typically free, but they are more than likely a great place in nature to relax, cool off, and have a great time. Plus, you won’t come home smelling like chlorine.

Make a Frozen Treat

Nothing says summer quite like ice cream. It’s cold, sweet, delicious and can be found just about anywhere. The only thing is it can get pricey if you go out for it all the time. Luckily, there is a very simple way to make it yourself! I’m certain you either know how to do this already or have at least had some in the past, but you don’t necessarily have to purchase an ice cream machine to make some.

If you have one, then great, if not then all you need is a few zip lock bags, salt and ice, and your favorite homemade ice cream ingredients. It’s as simple as filling the smaller bag with the ice cream ingredients then sealing and taping it shut. Then place that bag, in a larger bag filled with ice and rock salt. Seal the bag, then slush it around until your inner bag feels/looks nice and creamy. Remove the inner bag, wash it off, open and enjoy!

Popsicles can also be easy to make and there are millions of recipes online for how to make them with or without a popsicle mold. There are even ways to make ice cream or frozen yogurt bars too with your homemade ice cream! All of these are a great (and delicious) way to cool off!

Go Shopping

The great thing about shopping is that you don’t have to pay for their electric bills. You are free to enjoy AC for as long as you’d like while running errands or building up your Christmas and birthday lists. Who knows, you might even find a few things you never thought you needed.

Grab Some Friends and Go Out to Eat

Though this isn’t necessarily a cost-effective way to stay cool, you can easily spend hours with friends talking and eating in the cool air conditioning your favorite lunch spot. Plus, you get to relax and eat, who doesn’t like to eat? A great solution to the heat if you’re willing to spend that lunch money.

Bowling, Billiards, & Arcades

I missed out on alliteration with the caption there, but my point still stands. Bowling alleys are near-deserted in the afternoon and a few rounds are actually pretty cheap with friends. The same goes for playing pool, which is often in the bowling alleys. Arcades might be a bit more crowded, but you can still play quite a few games in free air conditioning for quite a long time. It may be more expensive than bowling, but then again, the nostalgia of a classic arcade is worth it!


This is a perfect way to spend your time in the summer, cool off, and get your mind off the heat. Most churches are always looking for new volunteers to help with a plethora of tasks, and they are always very appreciative of your help. Other organizations like hospitals and animal shelters also love new people willing to give a few hours of their time to help. If you’re looking for a 100% indoor volunteer job, retirement and nursing homes would absolutely love for you to come and talk to the residents, help with dinner, or maybe even provide a little tech support. Regardless of where you decide, volunteering is a fantastic way to feel great and cool off while helping your community!

Movie Day!!

Scorching hot days are often the perfect time to have movie marathons. You can close the curtains, dim the lights, and make some popcorn all for that perfect Netflix marathon! Invite some friends over too if you wish and have some video game tournaments when you’ve finished all nine seasons of The Office.

Ask for an extra shift

Yeah, not the best idea, but depending on what you do, spending a day restocking shelves in an air-conditioned target or answering phones in a cool office is a lot better (and cheaper) than sitting at home or staying outside. Plus, you’ll obviously be making some extra money to go towards your next trip.

Clean House!

No, I do not mean the slots or tables, I literally mean clean your house. Hot days are great for taking the time to finish the Spring cleaning you never did in Spring. Reorganize your closet, vacuum the floors, dust the blinds, or just give your whole house a good scrubbing. You can turn the AC on with good reason since you’ll be working hard, or you might just use fans if you decide to mop the floors. Either way, you’re going to be very productive and the hot day will turn to cool night in no time.

That’s All I Got

It might not be the most exciting list, especially towards the end, but who said there was that much to do on hot days. Besides, if you don’t like any of my ideas, then, by all means, do something else. I do have one condition though, if you do happen to come up with a much better idea or you decide to do one above, let me know what it is or how it went! I’d love to add to the list.



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