Dealer Glass vs. OEM Glass – OH MY!

broken windshield

Dealer Glass vs OEM Glass – that is the question. A frequent request, “OEM” please.  We often ask our customers if they understand the difference between “OEM” and “Dealer” glass because a lot of the time, customers believe “OEM” to be dealer glass.  And although they are the “same”, they are not.  Here is an…

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OEM or Aftermarket – Which to buy?

What do you do?! By this point, you might be thinking that OEM is the best glass to have installed and why would anyone purchase anything else. Very valid points, OEM is made better and will fit better, but we should not completely discredit after-market glass. The best type of glass to have replaced on…

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What is OEM Glass?

When customers are told about OEM and OEE (After Market) glass, they tend to get confused about the differences, and rightfully so. There is a lot of minute differences with how they’re made, their legal restrictions, their pricing, and much more. What exactly is OEM glass? OEM glass, or Original Equipment Manufactured glass, is auto…

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