Dealer Glass vs. OEM Glass – OH MY!

Dealer Glass vs OEM Glass – that is the question.

A frequent request, “OEM” please.  We often ask our customers if they understand the difference between “OEM” and “Dealer” glass because a lot of the time, customers believe “OEM” to be dealer glass.  And although they are the “same”, they are not.  Here is an explanation we hope helps.

Dealer Windshield or Dealer Glass

Dealer glass is auto glass you purchase from your vehicle dealer.  Your vehicle manufacturer authorizes it to service your car. This is actually the same glass as what you would get from an OEM distributor.

The difference is

  • DEALER GLASS has the car’s make bug (stamp) on it.
  • It’s also much more expensive because of the name brand.  


For example, in the corner of your brand new, from the dealer, you will see a big (sticker) that says the name brand of your car.  That is Dealer Glass.

To make your life even more fun some dealers may only provide “aftermarket glass” therefore, you cannot assume the dealer you choose uses Dealer Glass or OEM Glass.

Our industry is so fun, isn’t it?


OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM glass is made to the same specifications as dealer glass.

The difference?

  • The glass may not necessarily be made by the same distributor.
  • It will be the same shape, size, thickness, durability, and color as what your major vehicle brand makes on the original vehicle.
  • OEM glass exists because vehicle companies change auto glass contracts every year.
  • The company that made the glass for your vehicle is not likely to be the same company that makes the glass for your vehicle today. Contracts change and the glass is made by different distributors.
  • OEM is usually both the safest and most affordable auto glass option.

Aftermarket or OEE Glass

independent companies create aftermarket glass and they do not have a direct contract with car manufacturers.  Sounds like fun, huh?   This may be significantly cheaper glass, but it’s usually not your best choice as the glass is not made to the same specifications as dealer glass.  Adventure Auto Glass does not buy aftermarket glass unless the vehicle is incredibly old and it is our only option.


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